Washing Steps For Memory Foam Pillow

How to Wash and Dry a Memory Foam Pillow | 2024

To clean a memory foam pillow:

  • Use warm water and hand wash only
  • Don't use harsh chemicals
  • Don't put in the dryer
  • Squeeze and air dry

To dry a memory foam pillow:

  • Put it in a well-ventilated spot
  • Don't use direct heat or sunlight
  • Let it dry for 4+ hours

How to Hand Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

In order to wash foam pillow by hand, make sure you have the following to begin: a container with warm water, a gentle touch of detergent (you can use vinegar for an even more gentle wash). Remember, we are only washing the memory foam pillow by hand – machine washing can destroy it even after the first wash. Then, follow the next steps:

Steps For Hand Washing1. Remove the Cover2. Fill a Basin With Water and Detergent3. Submerge the Pillow4. Agitate and Rinse5. Allow to Dry Completely
1. Remove the Cover

1. Remove the Cover

Remove the pillow's outer cover. Most memory foam pillows have a removable cover that can be taken off and machine washed with the rest of your laundry. Carefully unzip or unbutton the cover and set it aside to be washed separately from the foam pillow itself. Be sure to check the care label on the cover for washing instructions before machine washing.

If the cover is not removable, you will need to spot clean it while it's still on the pillow.

2. Fill a Basin With Water and Detergent

2. Fill a Basin With Water and Detergent

First up, grab a big sink or maybe the bathtub; just make sure there's plenty of space. You'll want to fill it with lukewarm water – not too hot, not too cold.

Add a small amount of detergent into that water, great choice to add some baking soda.

Mix it around until you see some suds - we're aiming for a soft lather here, nothing wild. This sudsy bath is perfect for your pillow to take a little dip in.

3. Submerge the Pillow

3. Submerge the Pillow

First up, grab a big sink or maybe the bathtub; just make sure there's plenty of space. You'll want to fill it with lukewarm water – not too hot, not too cold.

Add a gentle touch of detergent into that water.

Mix it around until you see some suds - we're aiming for a soft lather here, nothing wild. This sudsy bath is perfect for your pillow to take a little dip in.

4. Agitate and Rinse

4. Agitate and Rinse

Next up, give your pillow some love by pressing and folding it in the water. This is not time to get rough; be kind to your memory foam pal! This step helps make sure you're reaching all those sneaky spots where grime likes to hide.

Alright, after giving it a gentle workout, take out as much soap as you can by squeezing—no twisting—that'll just break down your comfy cushion over time.

Once you feel your pillow’s had enough exercise for one day, rinse off all that soap under clean running water. Keep at it until there’s no more suds coming out when you press on it.

You might need patience here; think about rinsing rice until the water runs clear—you want no traces of detergent left behind! Remember what I said earlier? Harsh spins from washing machines are bad news for memory foam pillows - they can tear them apart.

5. Allow to Dry Completely

5. Allow to Dry Completely

After washing, getting your memory foam pillow dry is key. You don't want any damp spots because they can lead to mildew, and that's a big no-no for a fresh pillow. So, lay it flat in a spot with good airflow but out of direct sunlight – trust me; harsh sun rays aren't friends with memory foam.

It might test your patience, but give it plenty of time to air out. We're talking like 4 to 24 hours here. Keep checking on it and flip it every so often – just like flipping pancakes! If you’re in a hurry, grab your hairdryer and set it to cool; give the pillow some gentle breeze action (no heat though!) until it feels completely dry to the touch.

Only then is it bedtime-ready again!

How To Dry Memory Foam Pillow? 

Squeeze Your Memory Foam Pillow

Squeeze Pillow Very Gently
Rinse and Squeeze The Pillow Gently

After washing my memory foam pillow, I have to be careful not to twist it. This can hurt the foam. Instead, I press it gently to get rid of any water that’s left. Then, I grab a dry towel and wrap the pillow with it.

By pressing on this “pillow burrito,” more water comes out without causing any damage.

Let me tell you, using this method really helps speed up drying later on! Oh, and make sure you’ve taken off the pillow cover first – we don’t want it trapping in moisture when we’re trying so hard to let everything dry out completely, right? That’s one step I never skip!

Dry It Outside for Best Results

How To Dry Memory Foam Pillow After Washing
Dry Memory Foam Pillow Outside

I like to lay my freshly washed memory foam pillow outside on a flat, airy spot. A clean towel underneath it helps a lot. Sunshine works wonders but never in direct heat – that’s a big no-no for memory foams! Flipping the pillow every so often makes sure it dries evenly.

Patience is key here; I let it sit and do its thing for up to 24 hours.

Finding the perfect day is important too. Too much moisture in the air can slow things down. So, I pick a day that feels just right—like when clothes on the line seem to dry in no time.

Flip a Few Times During Drying

Flipping Pillow For Drying
Flip Pillow Few Times During Drying For Best Result

So, you’ve got your memory foam pillow all washed and waiting to dry. Here’s a cool trick: flip it over after about two hours. Yep, just turn it upside down and let the air get to the other side.

This little move speeds up the drying process big time! You don’t want to rush back into using a damp pillow, do ya?.

It’s like flipping pancakes – you gotta cook both sides evenly. Same goes for your pillow; give each side some sunshine and breeze. Before you know it, it’ll be all dry and ready for some dreamy sleep without waiting too long!

Wait Until Fully Dry Before Using

I know you want to cozy up with your clean memory foam pillow, but hold on! It needs to be bone dry before you lay your head on it. Moisture trapped inside can lead to mildew or bacteria, and nobody wants that near their face.

Give it time; patience here is key. I usually let mine sit in a breezy spot – not in direct sunlight – and make sure it’s 100% dry.

If you’re tempted to use a hair dryer, go ahead, but keep it on the cool setting. Heat might mess with the memory foam’s shape. Drying takes some hours (up to 24), so maybe find another comfy spot for a quick nap if you’re sleepy.

Just remember: only when it feels completely dry should you slip the cover back on and dive into dreamland again.

Helpful Tips With Drying Memory Foam Pillows

Wring Out Excess Water“Here’s the thing – don’t twist or wring it like a wet towel. That could really mess up the foam. Instead, I press down on the pillow gently but firmly to push the water out. Just imagine giving it a hug and squeezing; that seems to work well.”
Gently Press to Remove More Moisture“Lay your pillow flat and press down on it with both hands. You’ll feel the water coming out. Now grab a clean towel and lay it over the pillow. Press again, nice and easy! The goal is not to wring or twist because that could hurt your pillow. By doing this, you’re helping get rid of that extra moisture so when you air-dry your pillow, it will be quicker.”
Place in a Well-Ventilated Area“A spot with good airflow helps the water inside the foam evaporate faster. I avoid putting it right in the sun or near direct heat, though; that can mess up the foam. Instead, I pick a shady spot on a breezy day and let nature do its thing. I leave my pillow out for at least 4 hours to make sure it’s totally dry. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours”
Avoid Direct Heat and Sunlight“Heat and sunlight can mess it up. They can make the memory foam break down and lose its comfy shape. So keep that pillow out of the hot sun and away from radiators or heaters. To dry it safe, find a spot inside where air moves around good, maybe near an open window but not right in the sunshine beam. Let’s say you’ve got a fan; even better! Set your pillow out, give it time—maybe a whole day—to get all nice and dry without any heat bullying it into losing its squishy magic.”
Wait 4 up to 24 Hours for Complete Drying“It might take anywhere from four hours to a whole day for the pillow to dry all the way through. And trust me, waiting until it’s totally dry is super important if you want to avoid any nasty mildew or mold. If you’re in a hurry and need that pillow ASAP, go ahead and use your hair dryer on cool setting; just keep it moving so you don’t harm the memory foam.”

How to Spot Clean Memory Foam Pillows

Caught a pesky spot on your beloved memory foam pillow? Fear not; I’ve got the lowdown on getting those stains out without breaking a sweat – keep reading, and we’ll tackle it together with some clever cleaning hacks.

Identify the Stain For Spot Cleaning

Oh no, you’ve got a spot on your memory foam pillow! Let’s tackle it right away. First, I like to figure out what caused the stain. If it’s from coffee or makeup, knowing this helps me choose the right cleaning method.

How To Identify Stain On Pillow
Find A Stain On Your Pillow First

So here’s what I do: I grab some lukewarm water and gentle detergent—no bleach or strong chemicals, they’re too harsh for memory foam.

Now that we know what we’re dealing with, let’s get that stain out. A mix of lukewarm water and a mild detergent works wonders. Spot cleaning is my go-to because it’s safe and effective for those tricky stains.

Just remember to be soft with your pillow; treat it like a delicate flower while you deep clean —that way, it stays in perfect shape for cozy nights ahead!

Apply Stain Remover to the Dirty Area

So, you’ve got a stain on your memory foam pillow? No sweat! I take a mild detergent and warm water mix, then dab it onto the spot with a light-colored cloth. Let’s keep things gentle—no pouring the cleaner directly on the pillow.

That way, we avoid any nasty reactions or damage.

Stain Remover For Memory Foam Pillow
Add Wise Amount Of Stain Remover To Pillow

Next up, time to tackle that stain! Think of it like tapping out a rhythm; just dab at the area until you see progress. And here’s a biggie—stay away from bleach and other harsh stuff.

They’re not friends with your memory foam pillow. Rinse well with water afterwards because we want all that soap gone before drying out completely. My motto: treat stains kind but firm!

Dab the Stain With Love

Got a tough spot on your memory foam pillow? No worries. First, grab a clean cloth and gently press it onto the stain. You’re not rubbing – just dabbing – to soak up as much of that spill as you can.

Think of it like tapping out a rhythm with the tips of your fingers; this helps get the liquid up without pushing it deeper into the foam.

Rub The Pillow For Cleaning
Apply Low Pressure To Stained Area Of Your Memory Foam Pillow

Next, take another fresh cloth dipped in water – make sure it’s not dripping wet – and tap over the same area to rinse out any stain remover you used. This part is important because if you leave soap in there, it can attract more dirt over time.

Remember we talked about being gentle? That’s key here too, so no scrubbing hard or twisting; treat your pillow like something precious (because hey, good sleep is gold!). Now all that’s left is waiting for everything to dry completely before catching those Z’s again!

Rinse Memory Foam Pillow With a Water

After dabbing the stain, it’s time to get rid of any soap left in the foam. I grab a clean cloth, dip it into water, and gently press on the spot I just cleaned. No twisting or wringing; that can hurt your pillow

I do this a few times with fresh water each round until there’s no more soapy feel.

Squeeze Pillow Very Gently
Rinse and Squeeze The Pillow Gently

Drying is super important after rinsing—can’t forget! So I lay my pillow flat somewhere airy but out of direct sun. Heat can mess up the shape and goodness of memory foam, and we don’t want that, right? So patience is key here—let air do its thing until all moisture is gone.

Let the Memory Foam Pillow Dry Completely

You’ve cleaned it, and now it needs to air out fully. This part is super important because if you skip it or rush, hello mold and mildew—and trust me, you don’t want those uninvited guests! Lay the pillow flat in a spot with lots of fresh air flowing around.

No damp closets or stuffy rooms; think more like an airy porch or next to an open window.

How To Dry Memory Foam Pillow
Drying Memory Foam Pillow

Soak up any extra water by pressing gently on your pillow—like giving it a soft hug—but never twist or wring it out; we need to keep its shape nice and comfy for your head. If time isn’t on your side and you’re in a hurry, grab a hair dryer but make sure it’s set to cool.

Take your time with this step—at least 4 hours outside should do the trick, flipping every so often to get both sides equally dry. Your patience will pay off when you lay down at night on a perfectly fluffy and fresh pillow!

Are Memory Foam Pillows Machine Washable?

Unfortunately, majority of memory foam pillows can’t be washed in washing machine.

The spin cycle in a washing machine is too strong for them. Also memory foam pillow in dryer = Bye Bye

– Memory foam doesn’t do well in the washer.

– Your pillow could get ruined if you try it.

Here’s what I suggest instead:

– For stains on your pillow, spot clean with a gentle touch.

– If the whole thing needs a good wash, hand-clean is best—be careful not to damage it!

– Mix up some mild detergent with warm water for cleaning.

– Dunk your pillow gently into this mix and give it time to soak without any harsh squeezing or twisting.

For drying:

– Lay out your memory foam flat where air moves nicely but keep it out of direct sun or heat. It can take anywhere from 4 hours to a full day to dry properly. Just remember: patience!

How Often Should You Replace Your Memory Foam Pillow?

You should think about getting a new memory foam pillow every one to two years. If you take really good care of your pillow, it can last 2-5 years. Here’s what else you need to know:

– Wash your memory foam pillow every four to six months.

– On average, most pillows of this kind are good for 1-3 years before they need to go.

– How long your pillow lasts also depends on different things like how much use it gets and if it stays clean.

– To see if your pillow is still okay, try folding it in half. If it doesn’t spring back, time for a new one!

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