The Pros And Cons Of Silk Pillowcases | 2024

Pros And Cons Of Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases can reduce sleep lines, bedhead, and hair frizz, but they are expensive, require specific care, and are not vegan option. While they may benefit your hair and skin, the advantages and disadvantages should be weighed against your budget, laundry habits, and values. Categories Pros Cons Benefits for Hair Prevents Bedhead, Tangles, Frizz, and … Read more

How to Prevent Feathers From Coming Out of a Pillow

Feather pillow coming out of pillow prevention

To protect your feather pillows, use a pillow protector, an extra pillowcase to shield it from pets, fluff and shake the pillow regularly, and avoid overwashing or compressing it. Best Practices for Preventing Feathers From Coming Out of Pillows Use a Pillow Protector I’ve got a secret for keeping feathers in your pillow where they … Read more

How To Sleep On A Memory Foam Pillow: Tips For Better Sleep

Air cooling pillow with case

Pillows that don’t provide the neck support or spine alignment needed for a blissful night’s sleep are not what we need. Thankfully, through dedicated sleep research and keeping abreast of product development innovations: memory foam technology can provide you an answer on how to sleep on a memory foam pillow with comfort. Embracing a memory foam … Read more